Welcome to Swizzzlestick, the only stick with triple (!!!) z

In this blog I want to share with you my enthusiasm for new and old cocktails and drinks. Please check out my latest drinking adventures under My Posts on the top or
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Yours, swizzzlestick

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shattered glasser

wolga wolgatillicum1-100_8851

Chocolate Martica

Martini Seelbach Cocktail

20 thoughts on “Home

  1. Cannot believe i haven’t found you until today! This blog is awesome, and you’re obviously doing a great job! I’m in the UK, and have a similar style blog (as i assume you’ve already seen from the follow – thanks by the way!).
    I love some of the older cocktails, but don’t generally get time to experiment with them. So i shall be an avid reader of your posts! Huzzah.

    • Hi Fervent Shaker,

      many thanks for your comment! Just a few weeks ago I had a wonderful Gascon Old Fashioned in the UK. It was the 1st time I had a drink with Black Walnut bitters. And this awesome drink is my Avatar picture which you see!!

  2. cavegirlmba says:

    Some very handsome drinks featured!

  3. boozeguru says:

    Yay for another fellow traveller!! Imagine the trouble if The Fervent Shaker, Swizzlestick, and the BoozeGuru ever got together…

  4. abourbongal says:

    Keep ’em coming! Really enjoy your posts, Z-man.

  5. Francesca Maria says:

    Wow, you are an expert on drinks! I only know Campari! My husband loves Ameretto di Saronno. And of course Passito di Pantelleria!:)

    • Thank you so much! What would be the world of cocktails without all these wonderful Italian licors and spirits, like Ramazotti, Fernet, Campari, Strega, Cynar, Galliano, Amaro Nonino, ….

  6. beautiful pictures and beautiful drinks! I was just thinking I need to start making more drinks at home! going to be learning from you! All we do is gin and tonics, martini’s or an old fashioned…never went beyond these three! lol!

  7. Higashi says:

    I’m enjoying your blog so far, keep it going. Some nice looking drinks here.

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